J Prince Has ID'ed His Next Protégé & His Name Is HoneyKomb Brazy

HoneyKomb Brazy is representing the next generation of Mob Ties.

The Alabama rapper shared his “Dead People” video on Friday (January 29) with none other than J Prince himself behind the wheel of a cocaine white Rolls-Royce wheeling Brazy around as the young rapper totes a solid gold AK-47.

Brazy claims Rap-A-Lot and Mob Ties on “Dead People” while acknowledging the Houston OG as one of the main men to ride with at all times. In a sense, it’s more of an inauguration parade for him than a simple show of all-white luxury cars.

“Told J Prince to lift me up, I’ll never let him down/And them police ass niggas I’ll never let them round,” he raps on the song.

The rising Alabama native has made headlines in recent months due to several wild moments, such as filming a shootout where he defended himself. In an interview with SayCheeseTV in November 2020, HoneyKomb detailed how he once shared a jail cell with his father for six months.

“They just put me in the cell with him,” he told the outlet. “When I got out of lockup, I was in St. Claire but I kept getting into shit over there so they ended up kicking me out. So they sent me to gotdamn West Jefferson in lockup. When I got out of lockup, they put me right in a cell with my daddy.”

He continued, “They ain’t know it was my daddy cause we got the same first name we ain’t got the same last name. So I went in that hoe with him, we bangin’. Pops a real nigga. We ain’t doin’ nothin’ but gettin’ high, sippin’ drank, talkin’ on the phone, kickin’ off … that’s it. We would have real conversations. I got money on my head, that was when I had the murder, that was when I was about to get out for it. I had to do two years, so I’m finna get out on that right there.

“He telling me, ‘You know when you get out there, you gotta walk lightly. You know niggas gotdamn tryna get you out the way now. I ain’t tryna get that phone call nigga, for real. Can’t let ’em do me like that when I’m doin’ life.’ I told him, ‘I got ya pop.’ I get out that first week and niggas hit me eight times. I was in a coma but I shook that shit.”

Watch the video for “Dead People” above.