KatchUp Unveils A Special Mix Of Haitian Sonorities In New Release “Vini”

Haitian-American DJ, producer, and Engineering Graduate KatchUp from Brooklyn, NY, recently dropped an inspiring piece of music titled “Vini” through his label TuGetta (together). The track has high-quality, radio-ready production and reflects on the emerging artist’s Haitian roots. It spreads an intimate energy wrapped up in KatchUp’s warm and sensual signature-style soundscapes. It narrates the events of the nights when KatchUp was out partying and enjoying his night out with friends when he met a beautiful woman who noticed him as well, and they both chose to enjoy their night together. A pretty simple, nice story delivered with catchy tunes to make your day (or night) better. Give “Vini” a try to impress you, and you’ll be instantly enchanted by its positivity.