21 Savage Angrily Confronts Wack 100 Over Young Thug Snitching Allegations

21 Savage has angrily confronted Wack 100 over accusations of him being an informant in Young Thug‘s RICO case.

The pair appeared on a recent Clubhouse session together where the Atlanta rapper got into a shouting match with the veteran music manager after he suggested he snitched on Thug, who currently sits behind bars on numerous racketeering, gun and drug charges stemming from an indictment filed against his YSL collective in May.

“There be a lot of shit going on, and I don’t speak on it,” 21 told Wack during the call. “I done seen you go through real-life shit and I don’t speak on it, I don’t make fun of it, I don’t speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang!”

When Wack asked him what he’s referring to, 21 clarified: “You calling me a snitch, man! Bruh, you on the internet saying you think I’m an informant, gang. Come on, man!”

Wack 100 — whose client list includes 6ix9ine, The Game and Blueface, among others — attempted to justify his allegation by claiming the District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, where the RICO case has been filed, said a prominent rapper was feeding information to authorities.

“The D.A. in Atlanta said it’s a well-known rapper who’s telling. You get caught and get threatened to get sent out the country ’cause you ain’t a real citizen; we trying to figure it out,” he explained, referencing 21’s protracted immigration case.

Wack then brought up 21 Savage’s 2021 gun and drug possession arrest last year, further implying he has reason to cooperate with authorities. That prompted an explosive reaction from the Savage Mode rapper.

“Man, come on, bruh, what the hell you talking about?!” he fired back. “What the fuck, bruh?! Goddamn, triple OG! I can’t go to court for immigration if I got an open gun case, fool.”

The heated argument ended with Wack asking 21: “Did you give up Thug or nah? What’s going on? Thug bought you a brand new truck.”

21 angrily replied: “Man, you trying to use me for content! I’m gone, man. I’m gone,” before abruptly leaving the Clubhouse session.

“You is content, you rat-ass n-gga,” Wack snapped after 21 hung up. “You’s a rat, n-gga. You told on Thug, n-gga. Fuck up outta here.”

This isn’t the first time 21 Savage and Wack 100 have butted heads on Clubhouse. In August 2021, the outspoken executive threatened to beat 21 up after he called him “lame” for appearing on the inaugural episode of Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast alongside 6ix9ine.


N-gga, I will beat yo muthafuckin’ little ass, you little biddy ass boy!” Wack fumed. “I will sock you the fuck out. You out your league, n-gga. You ain’t about to come in here … you just a rapper, n-gga! You ain’t got the right, rank and respect to fuck with me. You’s a fake ass Blood too, n-gga. I’m from California!”