2KBABY Hits A Backwood & Then Proclaims Jack Harlow Is Better Than Eminem

Younger rappers aren’t ones to mince their words when it comes to giving their opinion on certain artists, which could anger the older generation and cause them to go viral. It’s a cycle the culture has seen in the past with rappers such as Lil Xan and Lil Yachty finding themselves in the crosshairs. Emerging rapper 2KBABY took to Twitter on Thursday (November 19) to assert his belief Jack Harlow was the better rapper than Hip Hop deity Eminem.

“No disrespect, but Jack Harlow better then Eminem,” he began. “Or did I hit this backwood to hard!”

He continued to double-down on his bold claim, “People always disrespecting 2pac I say something bout Eminem erbody get tight YES JACK HARLOW BETTER!!”

2KBABY and Jack Harlow are from the same hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, so it’s no wonder he’s a big supporter. Eminem fans eventually got wind of 2KBABY’s tweets and flocked to his mentions to bring up Em’s decorated laundry list of accolades.

“15 Grammys, 220 Million records sold, 242.9 million gross on 8 Mile, Won an Oscar, 10 number 1 albums, Sold out stadium tours, signed 50 cent so add those accolades,” one Twitter user chimed in. “Harlow nice but he doesn’t exist without Em. But you’d have to be over 30 to know that.”

Obviously, Harlow has a long way to go to catch Eminem in the accolade department, but 2KBABY holds his fellow Louisville native in high regard already.

After breaking out in 2019 with tracks such as “Old Streets,” 2KBABY returned to release his Pregame Rituals project in April.