Are you Buying Them? Here’s All The Celebs In MSCHF’s ‘Astro Boy’ Big Red Boot

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The latest fashion trend to hit the streets are the “Big Red Boot.”

New York-based art collective MSCHF (the same folks that released Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoe“) has people turning heads with their new boot called Astro Boy boots. They look like “cartoon” shoes, with their oversized rubber look. 

Check out all the celebrities that are rocking them: 

Pardison Fontaine:

Fivio Foreign:

Coi Leray had her big red boots on while performing at the Barclays. Coi spiced things up and shared a photo with the boots and a thong. She said the boots were larger than her derrière. 

Fashion stylist Emily B also had hers on:

Rich The Kid wore them to Drake’s Super Bowl party in Scottsdale, according to a report. Check them out:

Lil Wayne wore them while at an NYFW show

CNN points out that the shoes will go on sale on February 16 for $350 a pair. XXL reports the resale can start at $2,000. 

Will you be buying them? Hit us up on social, and let us know!