Azealia Banks Drags Megan Thee Stallion & JAY-Z Over Cara Delevingne Shade

Azealia Banks isn’t one to shy away from sharing her thoughts, and now that Elon Musk has allowed her return to Twitter (she was de-platformed in 2018), she’s been using the app to speak her mind once again. The controversial rapper took to Twitter on Friday (May 20) to share her latest thoughts on Cara Delevingne’s bizarre behavior towards Megan Thee Stallion at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 15), which many thought was fetishizing of Black women.

Azealia has her own awkward history with Cara, who could be seen on Sunday invading Megan Thee Stallion’s personal space on multiple occasions throughout the evening. The British star had previously walked on stage during Azealia’s performance at a Halloween party in 2021, and snatched the mic out of her hand while she performed her song “212.” After speaking inaudibly to the audience, Azealia took the mic back, and Cara proceeded to get down on all fours and lick Azealia’s leg.

When asked on Twitter to comment on Cara’s seeming obsession with Black women, Azealia offered her honest opinion and said her interest in Black women wasn’t problematic at all.

“Cara doesn’t have an obsession with black women,” she began. “It’s that upper crust English society full of fake white and jealous white hoes who were never as charismatic as she is that made fake friendships, tried sabotaging her every which way she moved and the intense jealousy of her older and extremely plain looking sister poppy that always made Cara feel sad and lonely.”

She continued by ripping into her older sister Poppy Delevingne, “Poppy would always say mad back handed slick shit and tell Cara’s business to people in the industry and I always remember Cara literally traveling the world completely alone 4 years.”

The rapper went on to say she would sometimes shelter Cara in her apartment, and would often be a friend to her while her sister and other celebrities picked her apart. She called Cara her “girl thru and thru,” and said she was “the least racist white woman I know.” She then proceeded to call out Megan Thee Stallion for appearing to have a problem with Cara’s BBMA’s behavior and even went so far as to call out JAY-Z and Meg’s label Roc Nation for “using” Cara to “push” Meg into the fashion world.

“Cara is not your fashion bitch sis,” she wrote. “Jay-Z’s female artist marketing tactics are so fucking played out. Drum up some domestic violence lie, garner public sympathy, strip the artist of her confidence, isolate them and use them as vehicles for whatever white think tank agenda ala mode It’s actually fucking pitiful.

“Cara never had to lie about being shot and conflate the very real death of Breonna Taylor into an agenda to garner sympathy during an election year. That SNL performance with the glass bullet holes was tasteless, careless and opportunistic. Bad acting on the gayle clips.”

This recent rant is the latest example of the “212” rapper getting back to her old ways ever since Elon allowed her back to Twitter in April. Prior to this opinionated rant, she also shared another wild take on the current state of Hip Hop last month.

“Knowing that most MEN and WOMEN IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY will exchange sexual favors for job opportunities is not news. The difference is: these white actors who are sucking dick for lead roles aren’t shooting and killing one another!!!” she wrote.

Prior to that, she took to Instagram to indulge in a bizarre fantasy about bearing Kanye West’s children.

“We would most likely have a Sagittarius baby as payback for the both of us talking shit about JAY-Z,” she wrote. “We would make the art world stop. It would be another 50 years before anyone was adept enough to cause a shift.”