Beats By La Flame: Travis Scott Debuts 'Utopia' Headphones Ahead Of New Album

Travis Scott has remained reserved and quiet on social media in the wake of last November’s Astroworld tragedy. Since the event, Scott has posted sparingly on Instagram, to the point where it feels like someone other than him has his password. The move has kept fans curious about the status of Utopia, Scott’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Astroworld.

However, in a series of posts shared in his Instagram Stories on Friday (January 14), Scott was spotted in an undisclosed location enjoying the sun before introducing a pair of custom Apple AirPods Max headphones with UTOPIA written on the side.

Scott was reportedly in Mexico recording his fourth album, and producer Wheezy confirmed he had contributions on it.

“Yeah, still working on it and putting the finishing touches on that,” the producer told Billboard. “He’s back in Cabo working on it and I’m going out there soon. I’m going out there probably in the next two or three weeks to link up with him.”

Since the events at Astroworld, momentum towards the album has stalled as Scott has faced mounting legal problems, including a Congressional inquiry. Major collaborators such as Dior and Anheuser Busch have discontinued their relationship with him despite massive financial success before the failed concert. Now in a new lawsuit, Scott’s being accused of lifting cover art from an up-and-coming French performer.

On Wednesday (January 11), Mickaël Mehala filed a lawsuit against Scott due to what he believes was plagiarism. According to TMZ, Mehala, who performs under Black Childish, gave Scott his centaur artwork for the 2016 compilation mixtape, Travis La Flame. 

The unofficial project landed on Scott’s official TIDAL and YouTube pages and although the Travis La Flame artwork was eventually removed, Mehala is seeking six figures in damages.