Cam’ron’s Brooklyn Nets Offer Gets Rejected By Kevin Durant

Cam’ron’s attempt at joining the Brooklyn Nets as a bench player didn’t work out in his favor, as the team’s star player Kevin Durant ignored the request.

The Dipset rapper took to Instagram to reveal he tried claiming a bench role with the Nets when he linked up with Durant and Rich Kleiman at an event over the weekend. In true Cam’ron fashion, the Harlem-bred hoops fan didn’t let the opportunity pass him by.

But according to Cam, KD wasn’t trying to hear anything he had to say regarding him joining the Brooklyn Nets. As fans can see in Cam’ron’s post, the All-Star forward laughed off whatever the rapper was telling him.

“Me telling KD how I would be a good 2 guard coming off the bench for the nets,” Cam wrote on Instagram next to a photo of him enthusiastically delivering his pitch to Durant, who listened and smirked. “He looked at me and walked away @easymoneysniper @richkleiman @boardroom.”


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Prior to his rap fame, Cam’ron was a star high school basketball player in Harlem, New York in the early ’90s. He played on the same team as Ma$e at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, and both rappers took their squad to the Public Schools Athletic Class A championship at Madison Square Garden.

After losing in the playoffs in back-to-back years and injuring himself in college, Cam’ron turned to hustling and left his basketball dreams behind. It would prove to be a good choice as Cam eventually became the superstar multi-platinum-selling rapper fans know and love today.

Killa Cam has been a vocal critic of the Nets’ subpar play this season. The team is currently 6-8 and fired their head coach Steve Nash a few weeks ago. Factor in the antisemitic controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving, who was recently suspended, and it’s fair to say this season has been a turbulent one for the team.

Cam’ron has also aimed his frustrations at another Brooklyn Nets star, Ben Simmons, who has yet to make an impact since making his long-awaited debut for the team in October. The rapper jumped on Instagram last month and berated Simmons for his lackluster performances to begin the season, telling the three-time All-Star to “go fuck with the Kardashians.”

“Look I’m gonna be real brief and short, pause. Ben Simmons, stop wasting my n-ggas’ time,” Cam said, referring to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. “I’m dead fucking serious. Stop playing with my n-ggas man. You’ve got n-ggas playing two-on-fucking-five out there. Stop playing with n-ggas, man.”

“If you don’t want to fucking play basketball, go to fuck with the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever the fuck you with. Now when we watch it on TV it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s all good.’ I went to the fucking game last night and I watched you shoot a airball layup,” he continued.

Cam also wanted everyone to know that the message came straight from him and not from Simmons’ teammates Durant or Irving.

“KD, Kyrie, I know ya’ll may not approve this message,” the rapper said. “This isn’t on them. This is on me. Stop playing with my n-ggas! Real talk, man. If you don’t want to play basketball, go do what the fuck you want to do. Stop playing with n-ggas man! That shit got me mad! I could suit up and get two points, six fouls.”