Cardi B And Offset Turn Rocky Romance Rumors Into New Single ‘Jealousy’

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Offset and Cardi B’s relationship has sparked a lot of rumors on social media lately. The two have been back and forth on posting details regarding their personal disputes, giving fans speculation that they might be a little toxic toward each other. In an Instagram post on Wednesday (July 26), Cardi announced a new song with Offset releasing Friday titled ‘Jealousy.’ The image she shared contained a parental advisory logo, foreshadowing the potential cover art for the track.

Furthermore, in honor of James Brown, Offset made a parody of one of his most notorious interviews to advertise the track. In the midst of this, Offset laughed off any “drama” rumors about his marriage with Cardi. The humorous interview featured Jamie Lee Curtis as the host. Curtis spoke to Offset about how “fans are saying there’s a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B.” The rapper then continued to laugh it off, leading to Curtis asking, “Okay, you’re not gonna answer my f question, are you?” in an irritated tone.

The two continued the conversation, with Offset hardly recognizing Curtis’ questions. Alternatively, he decided to recite his lyrics instead and say, “Let’s talk about some music.” Before the interview was over, “July 28th” was mentioned, which is the release date of the couple’s upcoming single.

After a series of conversations about the state of their marriage, Cardi revealed that she would gladly divorce Offset if he ever disrespected her. “I don’t be outside like that, so when I do be outside, these ballplayers, these rappers, and these dudes — they see me,” she stated. Cardi proceeded with “So every time you try to bring turmoil to my marriage, I’m just saying, y’all know what’s gonna happen next. We’re gonna get a divorce, and people are gonna be mad nosey, and mad happy.”

Subsequently, she announced “an album, and people are gonna wanna hear the album because of it. Another rich n-gga’s gonna cuff me. And what? What’ll be the point that y’all are tryna make?” Later, Offset responded on Twitter by posting laugh emojis and saying, “Fly like a bird.” The two almost filed for divorce in the past, so their new single on Friday should be very exciting to hear them open up on this topic.