Cardi B Gets Into Twitter Spat With 'The Shade Room' Over 'Gaslighting' Accusations

Cardi B put The Shade Room on blast on Sunday night (July 10), accusing the popular gossip outlet of posting “only negative” content about her while also muting her comments and ignoring her DMs, amounting to an effort to “gaslight” her.

The Shade Room refuted her allegations, arguing they provide “fair” coverage of the Bronx rapper while claiming she asked them to post about her family in a recorded phone conversation.

The spat began when The Shade Room posted about Cardi’s four-year-old daughter, Kulture, on Instagram on her birthday. The Invasion of Privacy rapper asked them to delete the post both in the comments section and on Twitter before airing out her grievances with the company.

“Cause my thing is …okay you only post negative content bout me ,cool no biggie. got me blocked from commenting on their page ok cool,” she tweeted. “but please don’t post my child on yall funny ish …I don’t want to be old self but just leave me alone.”

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The Shade Room responded to Cardi B’s tweet by providing evidence of the various positive posts they’ve made about her in the past.

“Whats the phone number of the lawyer you used in your defamation case because we tryna see something,” they wrote, referencing Cardi’s $4 million victory over blogger Tasha K in court. “Is this the ‘only negative’ content you are referring to?”

Cardi B doubled down on her issues with The Shade Room in a series of video messages, accusing the outlet of doing “shady shit” while pleading with them to “take it easy” on her.

“I DM’d you guys but, of course, you guys ignore me, and that’s why I had to take it publicly,” she said. “Clearly, you guys have me muted from commenting on your page. That’s why when I comment, nobody can see my comment and I actually have screenshots of it, and that’s why I posted it.

“So now you guys want to gaslight me. And if you guys are not doing shady shit on purpose, why mute me from commenting? Then you guys post certain things positive about me so y’all can continuously post negative things about me that you don’t do to other artists.

“Example: the thing with Lil Kim with the Lip Service. You guys literally edited the video and posted things that sounded kinda funny so people could drag me… Also, you guys post funny things when it comes to my music releases, you guys ignore completely when I do really good performing — anything that’s positive about me.”

She added, “I’m a person and I have feelings. I’m not a crazy person, I’m not this ghetto person, I’m not this person that’s trying to make narratives about me. You guys clearly know what you’re doing; if you wasn’t, you wouldn’t have muted me.

“But my thing is, take it easy on me. I’m a person as well and I’m trying to protect my best, my mental health. It’s too much. We could’ve had this conversation on DM, but clearly you guys are ignoring me so now we have to I guess do it like this.”

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The Shade Room responded by writing, “What y’all don’t understand is we have to get permission from owners to post videos to our page. No permission, no post. We show @iamcardib tons of love but because we couldn’t get permission for some of the positive wireless fest videos she gets to lie and say ‘only negative.’”

Cardi fired back, “Wait how can u say that ,when have you ever ask me to ever post anything about me ?& if that’s true you got my publicist # why not ask her shit why not ask me on Dm? Like this arguments are so stupid!The gaslighting it’s insane.”

The Shade Room once again denied muting Cardi B’s Instagram comments before claiming she asked them to post about her family during a recent phone call, even threatening to post the conversation online.

“You were not blocked from commenting. Please stop the LIES,” the outlet wrote. “We are only addressing your comment on negative content we didn’t bring up your daughter. And YOU called ME asking why we don’t post your family! Lie again and I’ll put out the receipts.”

In response, Cardi B pulled out receipts of her own by uploading a video of her comment on The Shade Room‘s Instagram appearing several comments down the page, when ordinarily comments from verified accounts would appear at the top.

“Why would I lie ? I have no reason to lie & same things wit the post from today,” she wrote. “& when have I ask you that?….oooo we can post receipts best believe I recorded the convo that we had on the phone .I don’t even know why y’all want to do all of this”

The 29-year-old also shared a video of a recent DM exchange with The Shade Room, in which the outlet asked her to be part of their upcoming Drip Codez series and she agreed. Weeks later, Cardi asked if they had “shadow banned” her from commenting on their page and wrote, “Well that was kinda shady and mean of y’all.”

“Never ask y’all to post about my can’t show a dm or nothing of me askin u that,” she tweeted while posting the clip. “and I’m not dumb to post that call but trust I got it and even on that call never asked y’all that shit Stand on y’all truth .All of this but ignore me a couple of days ago when I dm yall.”

In the meantime, The Shade Room urged Cardi B to post their recorded phone conversation — which allegedly contained “other things” she doesn’t “want out in public” — while sharing a video proving their DMs had been “acting up.”

“You don’t need lawyer papers lol. I’m giving you my permission publicly to post the recorded convo. You can use this tweet in court if I ever tried to sue. Post it,” they wrote. “As far as the dm you sent our DMs have been acting up so it says we saw it but we actually can’t load or see it.”

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Cardi B claimed The Shade Room were simply trying to “bait” her into posting the conversation so they could take legal action against her.

“I’m not deflecting I’m just no dumb,” she wrote in response to a fan. “The twitter account is asking to post it not the actual person I had the conversation with .The person I had the convo wit have to give authority that’s why they trying to bait me to post it so they can put me in some legal bullshit”

She also denied The Shade Room‘s claim that she spoke ill of another celebrity during the phone call, tweeting, “I gave multiple receipts today and yet y’all have posted none,now y’all LYING to the public again making it seem like the convo was about other people when the convo was about this SAME SHIT YALL DOING NOW!SEND THEM PAPERS AND MAKE SURE THEY FROM THE PERSON I HAD THE CONVO WITH!”

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Ultimately, no legal action was taken as Cardi B and The Shade Room managed to settle their differences just hours after the spat erupted. The majority of their tweets have since been deleted.

“You know what, let’s handle this like adults. Angie let’s get on the phone @TheShadeRoom,” Cardi tweeted in the early hours of Monday morning (July 11).

The Shade Room later announced, “Just spoke to @iamcardib and we were able to come to a resolution. We’re putting the issue to rest and moving on. Cardi, we wish you the best and continued success. Glad we found a way to move forward peacefully. What happened earlier was bad, but how it ended is good.”