Casanova Copped Plea Deal Only After A 'Cooperator' Alleged He'd Committed Numerous Crimes

New York, NY – Casanova was one of 18 alleged Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang members indicted in a sprawling drug conspiracy case in December 2020. Last week, the Brooklyn-bred rapper pleaded guilty in White Plains federal court to two counts: racketeering conspiracy and narcotics conspiracy.

While it’s safe to assume Casanova is simply tired of being behind bars and wants some kind of movement in his case, Rolling Stone reports there’s another reason he decided to cop a plea. According to the outlet, Casanova was moved to accept the prosecutors’ offer after someone basically snitched on him.


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Assistant U.S. Attorney David Felton revealed one “cooperator” told the Feds Casanova accidentally fired a gun at a poker game, while another witness told authorities they saw him receive “shipments of large quantities of marijuana.” As Felton explained, “Gorilla Stone members saw him and his rap career as a way to make money and increase their status among other Bloods sects.”

Fulton noted there was also social media evidence, including an Instagram post of Casanova standing next to a large amount of weed. Direct messages and other “intercepted communications” confirmed his Gorilla Stone affiliation. In a recorded call from a New York state prison, one Gorilla Stone member told another Casanova always carried a gun. Felton said one gang member was worried his behavior “would potentially tarnish his rap career.”

Casanova is aware the plea doesn’t automatically guarantee a lighter sentence. He’s already admitted to the drug conspiracy and the 2018 robbery of a young woman’s cell phone, which his lawyer feels will bode well in court.

“[Casanova] accepted responsibility for his conduct which was possession with intent to sell marijuana and the robbery of a young lady in a diner who was filming him with her phone,” James Kousouros told Pitchfork. “We hope that our presentation to the court in advance of sentencing will illuminate the facts and circumstances surrounding this case and present [Casanova] for the person that he really is.”

Casanova faces five to 60 years in prison if convicted. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 6.