CHIKA Says 'Fatphobic' Promoter Has Fired Off Cease & Desist Letter For 'Somebody Pls Jump Him' Tweet

CHIKA and a promoter who goes by Brandon Anthony got into a contentious Twitter exchange following an ill-fated Black Pride event at a West Hollywood club on July 2. Now, the Warner Music Group artist has revealed Anthony is threatening legal action for allegedly attempting to solicit violence via Twitter.

On Saturday (July 10), the 24-year-old MC/singer fired off a tweet that read, “Awww, Bwandony Anthwony and his ‘aTtORNeY’ sent me a cease and desist letter because of my scaaaary tweets about wanting him to get his ass whooped. They’ve asked that I stop making disparaging remarks about him/his business. Do they know I can sue the fuck outta them & win?”

CHIKA added, “First of all, once you were dragged by the Internet and ruined your own career, I stopped talking. Secondly, how you send a cease and desist claiming ‘harassment’ when YOU contacted ME? Thirdly, the 3 tweets of mine cited are nothing compared to the 20+ things we got on you.”

When the back-and-forth initially kicked off, Brandon Anthony was privately messaging CHIKA, saying her music “sucked” and making negative comments about her appearance. CHIKA screenshot the messages and shared them with her followers as Anthony continued to publicly criticize her.

“I don’t care about you,” he wrote in a string of since-deleted tweets. “Never did. The club was packed before you stepped yo heavy ass in the building. We actually needed the space. So you didn’t have to show up.” He added in two separate tweets, “One thing about me…I WILL REMAIN UNBOTHERED. Go in the study and get a number one hit. You lost your wallet and your mind.”

After emotions were brought down to a more peaceful level, CHIKA agreed to take a phone call from Anthony who attempted to apologize but wound up just exacerbating the situation. CHIKA put the conversation on Instagram Live without Anthony’s consent, which is apparently the ammo he’s trying to leverage against her along with a “Fuck Brandon” petition that has collected over 5,000 signatures.

But CHIKA remains unfazed and evidently isn’t afraid of catching a misdemeanor.

“Btw, I was gonna declare victory today, essentially closing the petition, but actually go ahead and sign for me so I can bring it to court,” she tweeted. “There’s much more, but since they wanna be dumb lil bitches and try to legally intimidate me, I actually will save it for court. BTW, I looked up the legality of the phone call BEFOREHAND. Ironically, the fine for that misdemeanor is less than what I paid + what he owes COMBINED.”

CHIKA previously broke down the myriad of reasons she believes Brandon Anthony doesn’t have a case — from using her likeness on a flyer without a contract and promising bottle service that never happened to misgendering her purposely and being harassed by security.

Check out the string of tweets below.