Chlöe Bailey Reveals She And Sister Halle Accidentally Ate Meat: ‘I’ve Been A Vegan For 10 Years’

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 On Sunday (Aug. 13), Chlöe Bailey took to a live stream on TikTok to explain how she and her sister Halle Bailey, who are vegans, accidentally ate meat right before they attended Beyoncé’s Atlanta stop of the “Renaissance World Tour” this past weekend.

“So I called to get a Beyond burger for sis and I like usual. You know, specified that it’s vegan, no butter on the bun, nothing like that,” the “How Does It Feel” singer began. “So, we get the burgers, and I’m getting out the shower, my sis and I, we were sharing a room since we were just there for a night. And she’s eating the burger… She eats up like a couple bites, she’s like ‘This is really good. Are you sure this is Beyond?’ I touched the patty and I smelled it, and I was like, ‘Of course it’s Beyond. Yeah.’”

Chlöe continued, “So, I take a bite, and the juice dripping from the burger is not like a Beyond burger. I just knew it was not a fake burger.” She then called the concierge of the hotel she was staying at and learned that they were enjoying real meat due to a misunderstanding. “Immediately, I’m losing it. I gobbled down the whole can of Sprite. Halle’s laughing at me because I’m crying… I’ve been a vegan for 10 years, I have not consumed any red meat for 10 years.”