Coi Leray Vents About Benzino Letting Her Down Following Royce Da 5’9’s Parenting Diss

Coi Leray was unfairly thrown into the middle of the ongoing beef between her father Benzino and Royce Da 5’9 earlier this month when the Detroit rapper advised his enemy to be a better dad to his daughter. Now, it seems Leray has some words for her father in regards to the whole situation.

On Friday (January 22), the New Jersey native unleashed a new single titled “No More Parties” where the rapper-singer gets introspective and hopes to step away from the things in her life that aren’t benefitting her. Unfortunately for Benzino, it seems like he’s a part of that.

“I’m too busy getting this money counting cheddar/My daddy let me down, but I promise you I won’t let up/I wanna say fuck that man, but that shit won’t make me better,” Leray says 29 seconds into the track. She continued her disdain on the hook singing, “Fuck everybody, I can’t trust nobody/I ain’t even really tryna party, don’t invite me to no party.”

Leray’s lines come as a bit of a surprise since there hasn’t been any news of her being on bad terms with Benzino. For the most part, Leray has spoken positively of her father during interviews and even said he was an inspiration to her getting into music.

The beef between Royce and Benzino began earlier this month when the Detroit rapper took shots and tweeted how interesting it would be if the former co-publisher of The Source magazine joined the popular app, Clubhouse.

“I can’t wait till Benzino get on Clubhouse,” he tweeted. ”A Front row seat to the most obligatory pseudo toxic masculine tough guy talk the world has ever seen. Please Clap for this hoe ass n-gga so he can try to move on. He stuck in 06. Thank you… Peace, Peace.”

Benzino caught wind of the comment and proceeded to call Royce Eminem’s slave boy.

“N-gga it took that long to answer you Fy king slave,” Benzino wrote. “After you finish washing his drawers and sucking his dick holla at me. You the biggest coon in hip you sellout. How cam you be Malcom X and Sambo joe at the same damn time? I’m not Lil pump u fuck boi.”

The back-and-forth then intensified when Royce brought Leray into the mix and claimed the young star had daddy issues. He threatened to take her to a park and “let her ride the swings” if her dad doesn’t stop letting his Twitter finger run loose.

“She pussy popping on a handstand on IG,” he wrote. “Now go hug her and tell her she’s beautiful before Drake or Trey Songz does.”