Country Song Of The Month: “The Way You Kiss” By Jessie Haines

Jessie Haines is making waves with a stunning single called “The Way You Kiss”. The song has gathered tens of thousands of streams in the short time after release, grabbing the attention of numerous genre fans. The premise of this piece is the intense feeling one gets when falling in love—a theme that no artist has passed by. What makes the track distinctly country is the sweet sound of the six-string and the melody that captures real emotions. Keeping it real and far from the dreamy romantic songs we are used to, Jessie isn’t afraid to be completely sincere.

The New York-based singer-songwriter is no newcomer to the game; Jessie’s career spans over two decades with an early head start. She later put music and her passion for it on hold to pursue academia and experience life to the fullest, after which she returned with a lot to share. Jessie’s upcoming album promises to share the artist’s perspective on many aspects of life as well as give her listeners an emotional experience!

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