Doodie Lo Speaks After Winning $11 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-GF Over Child Sex Abuse Claims

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Doodie Lo won an $11 million lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, FTN Bae, after claiming that she spread false allegations that he sexually abused her 5-year-old son.

Back in October of 2021, FTN Bae released audio of her son admitting that he was assaulted by his mom’s former boyfriend. Since then, the singer started to use her social media platform to blast Doodie Lo. The OTF rapper and his legal team conducted their own Instagram Live streams in effort to clear his name. Fast forward to yesterday (Feb. 28), FTN Bae was arrested and also charged with perjury.

In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Doodie Lo about his recent victory, FTN Bae’s other targets, what’s next for him, and more.

Oumou Fofana: What does this win mean to you?

Doodie Lo: It means my truth coming to light and [there is] justice for me and all the others who are innocent and falsely accused.

Fofana: Apparently you weren’t her only target. Can you speak a little about that? Do you think she had some sort of motive?

Doodie Lo: Yeah, what people aren’t talking about is all the others she accused of assaulting her son. She called the police on me, her child’s step-grandfather, a football coach, a music producer, a random guy during her child’s recess period, a neighbor, and someone else at [a] football practice. All this is public records. It doesn’t add up clearly. The neighbor and the football director called the police on her first and that’s why she had outstanding warrants for perjury. I think she really [needs] help and has a mental illness because I don’t understand why [she’s] tryna ruin [people’s] lives. I don’t think this has anything to do with any of us. I think she has a serious mental illness and we just crossed paths with her at the wrong time. We were used for her to get attention. I don’t know, some people will do whatever to go viral even if it’s evil behind it.

Fofana: I know this whole experience was stressful for you but do you have anything to say to the people that doubted you?

Doodie Lo: It’s unfortunate that people believe anything on the internet before getting the facts but now they see how it is important to get the facts before running with anything they hear.

Fofana: A lot of people online are saying FTN Bae can’t afford to pay up $11 million dollars. Is that true?

Doodie Lo: At the end of the day the law is the law, she will have to figure that part out.

Fofana: That’s right. So what is the next step for you?

Doodie Lo: Right now I’m getting back into what’s important to me, which is my family and music. All I can do is keep pushing forward and living my truth.

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