EarthGang Calls Outkast Comparisons ‘Disrespectful’ & Shares André 3000 Stories Along With Album Update

Dreamville rap group EarthGang is effectively killing off the long-standing comparisons that place them within a musical Venn diagram with Outkast.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (February 16), group members Olu and WowGr8 chopped it up with Charlamagne Tha God, who asked them about their feelings on the group’s constant comparisons to the ATLiens — based on a viral tweet from years ago that  personifies EarthGang as the manifestation of Outkast with two Dré’s. The duo actually expressed their disdain for the idea, explaining how they feel generalizations like that are a major oversight and diminish the individual talent of both 3 Stacks and Big Boi.

“Being compared to Outkast is fire,” WowGr8 started off. “Whoever being compared to them — being compared to Kobe is fire, being compared to Mike is fire.”  “Being compared to LeBron is crazy,” Olu added. “Like if you compared to a G.O.A.T. that’s fire,” WowGr8 continued. “It’s an insult because, just like André matters, Big Boi matters. If you really listen to a lot of the crucial — if you really know Outkast then you didn’t just hop on Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, you know the records.”

Olu also chimed in with unwavering support for Big Boi’s skillset and concisely summarized the weight of the Georgia-bred MC’s legacy in addition to quantifying his importance to the group.

“You know how Big Boi was coming on Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic, you know how he was coming on ATLiens, you felt that anchor there,” Olu said. “And a lot of records, he was that anchor for 3000 to spread his wings and do what he wanted to do. And vice versa you know what I’m saying, a lot of times Big Boi just get out with the production and you could just hear like, ‘Aww he trying something new right here,’ so it’s like just disrespectful to not really pay respects to both people.”


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The pair went on to discuss a pre-pandemic studio session with Big Boi and shared a pair of amazing anecdotes centered around chance encounters with André 3000 including a run-in with 3 Stacks at a Chinese restaurant in Germany and the time they met him at a concert during the early stages of their career.

EarthGang concluded the interview revealed the name of their upcoming album, Ghetto Gods, which includes their recent single “Options” featuring Wale that’s currently No. 36 on both Urban and Rhythmic radio charts.

Watch the full video below.