Fake Drake Claims The Real Drake Copied His Style

Hip Hop doppelgängers have become an ongoing trend in the culture that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Drake, Lil Durk and DJ Khaled have all been bit by the “twin” bug, yet one of them has been vocal to the point that they believe the OG is copying their swagger.

On Monday (May 2), Akademiks shared a post from an online show called The Fan Bus where Fake Drake was a guest a few months ago and answered questions regarding his resemblance to the 6 God. According to the doppelgänger, whose real name is Izzy, he’s just being himself and didn’t ask for all this attention.

“Nah, this is just who I am,” Fake Drake told the women interviewing him. “I’m just like, I’m just going with the flow, you know? I didn’t ask to become famous.”


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The three women began listing the similarities Fake Drake has with the real Aubrey Graham, including the heart cut into their hairline. Despite many thinking Drake had the idea for the heart first, his doppelgänger claimed that’s not entirely true.

“I’ve had the heart for like a year and a half,” he said. “Nah, ’cause I have the heart because you know, if you do things with your heart it’s come back.”

One of the women asked if he had the haircut before Drake, which led to him saying he’s had the hairstyle for over a year and a half. The women then said the 6 God copied his doppelgänger’s style, and the fraud initially didn’t want to agree with them but later explained how Drake wore a certain jacket after he had the same exact one sitting in his closet.

“Like I seen Drake rocking with like this jacket, this black furry jacket, and I had that jacket like two and a half years ago. I’m not even kidding,” Fake Drake said.

Fake Drake is just the latest doppelgänger to run amok, as Kodak Black has a look-alike mimicking him now, too. Akademiks shared a video on his page Monday (May 2) that showed someone impersonating Yak in what appears to be a Walmart.