Filipino Street Food Reigns Supreme In Run Deliks’ ‘Street Life (Street Food)’

Filipino rap duo Run Deliks just shared their comedic, yet affectionate ode to local street food in their latest single, “Street Life (Street Food).”

Blitzen and Shark dismissed store- or mall-bought meals and fine cuisine in favor of staples such as fishball, squidball, calamares, isaw (chicken or pig intestines), Betamax (coagulated, square-shaped pig or chicken blood), gulaman (sweet drink with native gelatin), iskrambol (shaved ice drink), and balut (duck embryo).

The Innerbloomboi-produced track is their follow-up to their debut EP, Muerto Manila (Manila Dead), released in May this year. The duo also most recently participated in the #DutertePalpak24BarsChallenge.