Flo Milli's Fiery Lyricism & Universal Appeal Makes Her A Dynamite HipHopDX Rising Star 2021!

There has surprisingly been a hearty up-kick of impressionable artists rising from the Southern state of Alabama in the past few years. From Grammy-nominated, free-thinking MC Chika, street-rap trap wizard OMB Peezy and The Backend Child rapper NoCap, the Yellowhammer State finally has a consistent presence in Hip Hop.

In the case of Flo Milli — our 2nd announced Rising Star 2021 — her colorfully stratified existential persona and bouncy, punchline flinging raps make her stand out greatly and we can guarantee her trajectory is limitless!

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Notable Co-Signs: Yung Bleu, Pia Mia, $Not

Notable Projects To Date: Ho, Why Is You Here? (2020)

Accolades To Date: Nominated For 2020 BET Hip Hop Award: ‘Best New Artist’; Debut mixtape Ho, Why Is You Here? hit No. 78 on Billboard 200; Signed to RCA Records in 2020

Musical Style

In addition to her chameleon-like profile, the Mobile-bred rapper has developed a tenaciously witty and stylistically fluid vocal delivery that’s so good, you’ll do a double-take when you discover she’s just 21 years young.

Her 2020 mixtape Ho, Why Is You Here? is the perfect example of the amalgamated creativity she exudes, sporting promiscuous bangers like “Pussycat Doll” stacked against territorial, petty punchline-peddling records like “Send The Addy” working together to propel the 12-track effort.

In an interview with DX late last year, Flo described her aspirations to elevate her flow and branch out to different forms of vocal performance and even expressed her interest to dabble in other genres.

“I kind of learned that I can sing just a little bit of soul,” she told DX in an interview last year. “I’m going to start experimenting with that more and hopefully get into that genre. I don’t want to just be subject to one thing. I want to be a well-rounded artist. I mean, I’m not going to just box myself into one genre, although I stand for something. I love rapping. I love everything that I do now, but, eventually, like I said, people change. So if you really are smart with your business, you have to have versatility as an artist, because although you may want to attract one group, one wise person always told me if you always rap about one thing, it’s not going to lead that. You know what I’m saying? You have to be versatile, and that’s what I work towards.”

Rising Star Power

No matter the occasion, Flo has proven she has the bars and the bravado to body the verse and create a viral moment all-in-one. Actually, the feature she did for West Palm Beach rapper $NOT’s recent hit “Mean” is the perfect example of the appeal her uniquely trifling rhymes. The track spawned yet another TikTok challenge inspired by her indelicate lyrics, “Cause I got a small waist, pretty face with a big bank (You mad, duh)/Look how you hatin’ on a bitch and you my momma age (Hah, wow).”

This wasn’t the first time her salacious prose has spilled over onto the platform in a major way, either. Last August she spoke to DX about her track “Not Friendly” going viral following the millions of streams she racked in for her hit “In The Party” that also blew up on TikTok — which is something she takes pride in.

She’s also been a go-to linchpin for several Hip-Pop, radio-friendly, collaborations including Australian singer Saygrace’s “Boys Ain’t Shit” single, New Zealand singer Benee’s “Plain” hit (which also featured Lily Allen) and the remix to Pia Mia’s “Hot,” also co-starring dancehall king Sean Paul.

“I love it!” she said of today’s insta-fame. “Literally, I love TikTok. Blowing up off TikTok is a compliment for me. Like, ‘OK, what? I blew up on TikTok, but you’re sitting at home like a bum.’” she told DX. “It’s like at the end of the day, I really don’t care, because you’ve got to think about this. If people are trying to bring you down about your accomplishments, they’re already below you. Somebody has to be below you to try to bring you down.”

Congrats to all things “Flo Mill Shit” for making HipHopDX’s Rising Stars 2021! HipHopDX will closely follow her buoyant updates as she finishes her studio debut album.

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