Ginuwine Passes Out During Botched Criss Angel Magic Trick

Ginuwine had a bit of a scare this week when he passed out during a magic trick performed by famed entertainer Criss Angel.

The “Pony” singer lost consciousness during an underwater stunt while rehearsing for The CW’s Magic With the Stars.

The Daily Mail obtained footage of Ginuwine holding his breath while submerged under water in a glass cube. Soon after, the R&B star is seen banging on the sides of the box to signal he was in trouble.

A number of people are then seen rushing to the R&B singer’s aid, pulling him out of the box and attempting to calm him down before he ultimately passes out.

According to the publication, an ambulance was called and Ginuwine was carted off while still unconscious.

“It all happened so fast, it was like he got tapped out in a fight,” a source told the UK publication. “In the show he was trying to overcome his fear of being under water as he couldn’t hold his breath for longer than 15 seconds before trying the stunt out.

“Although he failed in rehearsals, he still went ahead with the stunt on the show and everyone was in tears.”

A member of Ginuwine’s team confirmed to Page Six that the singer “made a full recovery.”

“Ginuwine is okay and he made a full recovery,” the rep said. “He was conquering a fear. Fortunately everything is okay as he was working with Criss Angel, who’s the best in the business.”

Magic With the Stars premieres on October 22.

Switching to a different kind of magic, Nas and Hit-Boy are gearing up to release a limited-edition pink vinyl of their 2021 album Magic, with all the proceeds being donated to charity.

The duo will be revamping their latest collaborative effort to help raise money for the Red Door Community in New York City, which strives to provide community and caregivers for people battling cancer or for people who have lost someone to cancer.

The special edition vinyl version of Magic will be released as part of their annual Ten Bands One Cause program, which selects 10 artists to reissue their music in support of Red Door.

The vinyl will drop on October 28 alongside two other major releases from The Black Keys and the Bangles. BadBadNotGood will also release a new version of their 2016 album IV at the end of the year.