Here's Why Trey Songz Was Violently Arrested During Kansas City Chief Game

Kansas City, MO – The week is not off to a good start for Trey Songz, who was arrested during a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday night (January 24). At the time, it was unclear exactly what led to the R&B singer’s arrest but according to TMZ, it had to do with not following the stadium’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Basically, Trigga refused to wear a mask.

The Kansas City Police Department reportedly said fans were complaining about Trey’s perceived defiance, so security was called. But when efforts to get him to comply or remove him from his seat failed, they called KCPD officers in to get the job done. That’s when the tussle ensued and Trey got one of the officers in a headlock. He also allegedly punched one of the officers in the head.

Subsequently, Trey was arrested and charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

As of Monday afternoon (January 25), the 36-year-old artist has been released from custody. Sources connected to Trey said they believes the cop in question already had his eye on him and was “immediately aggressive” when approaching him. Another source confirmed the officer’s initial issue was Trey and his crew dismissing the stadium’s mask mandate.

Chatter online suggests Trey was treated unfairly with comments ranging from, “Police brutalized and falsely arrested @TreySongz in Arrowhead Stadium tonight” to “Witnesses are reporting that a suspected racist white cop racially targeted Trey Songz & harassed him at the Chiefs vs Bills game. It appears Trey had no choice but to defend himself & punch & put the suspected racist cop in a choke hold, & then Trey Songz was unjustly arrested.”

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