Ice Cube Is Disturbed From Rap Labels Use of ‘Social Engineering’ To Stir Up Criminality

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In recent news, Ice Cube appears to have thrown shots at the music industry.

The L.A. Legend claims that labels often utilize “social engineering” to embolden rappers’ engagement in unlawful activities anpromote d dictate to the public. Not only does Cube break down how this treatment is unjust, but he also gets into the financial affairs that benefit the labels behind the scenes. “Who benefits and profits off our bickering and division?” “Follow the money,” Cube said in an interview with Bill Maher last week.

According to Cube, “the same people who own the [record labels] also own the prisons.” Furthermore, he mentioned how “it seems really kind of suspicious, if your wife want to say that word, that the records that come out are really geared to push people towards that prison industry.” In addition to the rap labels’ agenda of promoting criminal behavior, he even kept in mind who was behind these schemes at the start of his career.

“A lot of albums, a lot of dope songs people like are made by a group of people telling rappers what to say,” Cube reported. “That’s dope. Or, that line ain’t good enough. Let’s change this. Let’s get someone up here that can write.” Cube’s concerns date back to a “secret meeting,” which was supposedly held in 1991 to connect “decision makers,” who plotted using rap to entice artists into lawbreaking.

 The rap label’s actions are obviously infuriating, but Ice Cube also offers insight so that these issues can change. What are your thoughts