IDK’s Travis Scott Hot Take Sparks Debate Among Hip Hop Fans

IDK believes Hip Hop is in need of saving and he has an artist in mind who he thinks can do it.

The Maryland rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday (September 6) to fire off his opinion that Travis Scott‘s UTOPIA album will be Hip Hop’s saving grace.

“I think Travis Scott can save hip hop,” he wrote.

The hot take exploded with opinions on both sides of the coin as fans flooded IDK’s replies while the tweet has generated 16,000 likes as of press time.

“Why does Hip Hop need saving?” one fan asked, while another offered up a well-thought-out explanation pointing out that Trav has pushed sonic boundaries in his albums and he’s always been an influential figure in the culture.

“Pretty obvious that the trap genre specifically is at a stagnant position rn, a lot of basic mainstream sounding album, very little creativity. only been one trap album to push boundaries this decade so far and thats WLR. travis needs to do the same again,” a fan wrote.

One skeptic mentioned how they thought Scott’s last good album was Days Before Rodeo. “If he could drop something as revolutionary as days before rodeo but nah,” he wrote. Another concurred, writing: “His last good drop was days before rodeo.”

It’s been a long journey for Travis Scott to UTOPIA. The fourth anniversary of ASTROWORLD passed in August and fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on his next body of work.

The Houston native is gearing up to kick off his Road to UTOPIA residency in Las Vegas on September 17 at Zouk nightclub, signaling that the finish line might be near.

He added to the UTOPIA hype when photos surfaced of Travis hanging at the studio with Pharrell to close out August.

Pharrell has notably appeared on some of Travis Scott’s albums, including the expanded edition of his seminal 2015 project Rodeo for the ear-worm track “Flying High,” which he co-produced with Mike Dean, Scott and Allen Ritter.

With Travis Scott’s debut turning seven years old earlier this month, Cordae labeled Rodeo a classic album in his opinion.

“Travis Scott’ Rodeo’ is a fucking classic,” Cordae tweeted. “This album got so many gems and time stamps in my life, ‘oh my dis side’, ‘90210’, Maria I’m drunk….. sheesh !”