Jermaine Dupri Calls Fans 'Musically Blind' Over DVSN's 'If I Get Caught' Criticism

Jermaine Dupri has responded to a slew of negative reactions in relation to DVSN’s new single “If I Get Caught,” which he produced with Bryan-Michael Cox and Nineteen85.

Released on Friday (July 22), the track has garnered a lot of backlash on social media as fans decried the current trend of “toxic R&B” and wanted “begging and love” back.

Dupri noticed the reactions on social media and chimed in on Saturday (July 23), citing the history of the blues as a backbone of R&B and dismissing anyone who couldn’t notice what all parties did with the track.

“The people I see with something bad to say about ‘If I Get Caught’ I’m sure have never listened to blues,” Dupri tweeted. “And if you never listened to blues.then you’re musically blind in my book and you can’t see what we did.”

The single, featuring a sample of JAY-Z’s 2001 hit “Song Cry,” hears DVSN singer Daniel Daley croon on the song’s opening verse: “You wouldn’t want me if you thought I never had hoes/ Women like men other women like/ That’s just something that everyone know,” before leading into a chorus declaring one moment of infidelity shouldn’t break up a happy relationship.

The team-up between Dupri and DVSN began in earnest after the So So Def founder noticed how DVSN sampled Usher’s 1997 hit “Nice & Slow,” which he produced, for the Snoh Aalegra-assisted “Between Us” in 2020. A year later, Daley and Dupri were spotted in the studio together and began the slow roll towards “If I Get Caught” and potentially a full-length album.

Hov himself chimed in on the record ahead of its release, realizing he couldn’t imagine a song more toxic than “Song Cry” with its memorable line of “I was just fuckin’ them girls, I was gon’ get right back.” Durpi reached out to the rap legend via text message to get the sample cleared and Hov’s approval.

“I didn’t think one could make a song more toxic than Song Cry. I stand corrected,” Hov wrote. “I just want a disclaimer that says that I said this song is wrong! Haaaaa And you’re good!”

Clearing “Song Cry” for “If I Get Caught” comes as Hov has begun giving the green light to several of his songs getting sampled for new material. The Game recently declared he had seven Hov songs cleared for his upcoming Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind album, which echoes a similar run artists had with the Brooklyn MC’s music, sampling him heavily after his brief retirement in 2003 and recently being the backbone for diss tracks between Drake and Pusha T in 2018.

Watch the “If I Get Caught” video below: