Joe Budden Goes Viral For Rapping Ice Spice’s ‘Munch’ ‘A Little Too Spicy’

Joe Budden is the latest person to get hit by Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U)” punch after the New Jersey native recited the infectious chorus with a bit of flair during an episode of his podcast.

Footage of Budden’s impromptu karaoke session surfaced online, and it was nothing short of comical for fans who felt the former rapper added a little too much spice to his performance.

“‘Oh, you thought I was feeling you? That n-gga’s a munch. N-gga a eater, he ate it for lunch,” Joe Budden said with a huge smile slapped across his face as his cohosts laughed at him.

Budden’s cohort Ish replied with more laughter: “You said that a little too spicy, my n-gga.”

The “Pump It Up” rapper seemed confused over why he was being ridiculed as he explained: “I like that song, and I like her. That song is better than alright. ‘Oh, you thought I was feeling you?’”

Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U)” has arguably been the song of the summer in New York City. The track was released last month with an accompanying music video and quickly picked up steam on TikTok. Even Drake got a hold of the record and played it along with several other Ice Spice tracks during an episode of his radio show, and even started following the 22-year-old on Instagram.

Ice Spice got to meet the 6 God after he flew her to Toronto and attended a concert with her before performing at Rolling Loud Toronto, where she busted out her beloved twerk move a few weeks after that Drake link-up. However, keen-eyed fans noticed Drizzy is no longer following Spice.

Regardless of the unfollow, Ice Spice is seeing her stock rise tremendously. A promoter recently called her and her team out for allegedly pulling out of a tour with fellow New York rapper B-Lovee because she and her team felt she was worth more than him.

“Due to matters out of our hands Ice Spice will no longer be attending the party,” the promoter Phil Lalor wrote on Facebook. “As her status and song continue to grow daily her team has decided to pull her off numerous shows. They feel that she’s a much bigger artist than she was at the time she took some of her bookings. In 3 weeks her price has gone from 4k to 15k.”

Akademiks reposted the message on Instagram, and his followers quickly criticized the young rapper saying she only had one popular song out. Ice Spice then took matters into her own hands and posted a cap emoji implying the promoter was a liar in Ak’s comment section.