Kid Cudi Reacts To His Old MySpace Bio From 2006: 'Everything I Said In This Bio, I Did'

Kid Cudi and MySpace will forever be linked (pardon the pun).

It was on the once-popular social networking platform where a young Scott Mescudi first uploaded his breakout hit “Day ‘N’ Nite” and caught the attention of the music industry players who would change his life — including long-time producer Emile Haynie and Fool’s Gold co-founder DJ A-Trak, who gave Cudi his first record deal.

While most of the content from MySpace’s mid-2000s heyday has been scrubbed from the internet (for better or worse), one fan recently managed to dig up Kid Cudi’s old MySpace bio and profile picture, which he shared on Twitter.

Written around 2006 when he was 22 years old, the old MySpace bio captures a hungry and innocent Kid Cudi when he was simply trying to pursue his music dreams after moving to New York City from his hometown of Cleveland. Even back then, Cudi’s desire to stand out, push Hip Hop forward and achieve musical success at the highest level was evident.

“I’m all about creativety [sic], makin new hot shit, and takin Hip Hop or music in general 2 a whole nother level,” Cudi’s old bio read. “I don’t wanna get in da game 2 blend in , I’m tryna change da face of it. I wanna make my mark. I aim 4 grammy statis [sic].”

On Sunday night (September 26), Kid Cudi caught wind of the viral post and shared his reaction on Twitter. While reading through his old words, the Lonely Stoner reflected on the “fire” that was burning inside him during that period while proudly stating, “Everything I said in this bio, I did.”

With 10 full-length projects; over a dozen platinum plaques; several acting credits; collaborations with Adidas, BAPE and the Cleveland Cavaliers; his own production company; and one Grammy Award to his name throughout a 13-year career, Cudi has a point.

Kid Cudi also explained the meaning behind his old nickname, Tubbz, which he used in his old MySpace bio.

“Ok so my Tubbz nickname all started w me and my boy Jovan,” he explained. “He was Crockett. When we’d go to parties and meet girls we never wanted to use our real names, so we’d introduce ourselves as Crockett and Tubbz. However, my nickname stuck and to this day some folks know me as Tubbz.”

He added, “Some people thought I use to be chubby and got skinny and thats what people use to call me.”

Looking ahead, Kid Cudi is currently readying a Man on the Moon III tour in support of his 2020 album of the same name. He’s also working on his eighth studio album Entergalactic, which will be accompanied by its own Netflix series, due out next year.

Watch the trailer for Entergalactic, featuring music by long-time Cudi collaborators Dot Da Genius and Plain Pat, below.

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