Mac Miller Honored With Huge Mural Outside His Producer's Pittsburgh Studio

Pittsburgh, PA – Mac Miller has been honored with a huge new mural that’s been painted on the side of ID Labs, the Pittsburgh studio belonging to the late rapper’s producer E. Dan.

Pictures of the artwork surfaced online Tuesday (July 19), showing the mural on the side of the building in Mac’s hometown where he recorded much of his music.

The highly detailed artwork shows different images of the rapper throughout his life, from childhood to one of his last photoshoots before he passed away in 2018. Behind Mac’s images are the Roberto Clemente bridge and several of his album covers.

Take a look at the mural below:

The mural has been getting plenty of positive reactions from fans on social media. “Babe wake up the Mac Miller mural is complete!!!!!” one fan wrote, along with three flaming heart emojis. 

Another wrote: “The detail in that Mac Miller mural is crazy, every time I zoom in I notice something new.”

A third fan explained that they were contemplating a road trip somewhere and that the Mac Miller mural is now at the top of their list of things to visit. “I want to take a little road trip before the end of the summer,” they wrote. “Just something that’s like under 3ish hours away from Columbus. Kinda leaning towards Pittsburgh for a Mac Miller kind of trip. Especially to see the new mural at ID labs.”

But as stunning as the mural looks in photographs, E. Dan thinks they don’t do it enough justice, pointing to all the little easter eggs found throughout the art piece.

“The details are truly incredible in person,” E. Dan tweeted. “Lots of Easter eggs.”

Mac Miller died from an accidental drug overdose on September 7, 2018. Three men were arrested in September 2019 following an investigation into the rapper’s death. Stephen Walter, Ryan Reavis and Cameron Pettit were all charged for their roles.

Reavis pled guilty to drug distribution charges in April and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Walter, on the other hand, was sentenced to 17.5 years behind bars after pleading guilty to a federal count of distribution of fentanyl. Pettit’s case is still pending.