Meek Mill Gets Crucified On Twitter Following Clubhouse Screaming Match With Akademiks

As the Clubhouse app community continues to expand, some people are finding out it can get a little intense depending on what room they’re in. On Saturday (December 12), Akademiks was joined by Guapdad 4000, 21 Savage, Tory Lanez and Meek Mill who confronted the former Everyday Struggle co-host about his seemingly inflammatory online activities.

Ak eventually started screaming at Meek, insisting he stopped posting about the Roc Nation rapper once he was asked not to, but Meek begged to differ.

“You talkin’ crazy on something that’s false!” Ak screamed. “I didn’t post the nigga that was talking about you. I told you I’m not going to post about you. Good or bad.”

Meek, who was noticeably more composed, interrupted and said, “Akademiks, if we were in a room and you was talkin’ crazy to me like that and you screamin’ like that, that would not take place. What you’re doing right now, what you’re doing on the internet, the way you do it … if you stir up a beef and somebody die, you are a part of that.”

From there, Ak continued to deny Meek’s allegations and said he was “actually lying.”

Meek and Ak have a contentious history. In June, Akademiks agreed to stop posting about Meek on his popular Instagram page, which has over 3.7 million followers.

“So.. y’all remember when meek told me to stop posting him and I did.. then he went on philly radio complaining that I ain’t posting his album… well today he asked that I stopped posting him,” Akademiks wrote. “And I’ll gladly oblige … I don’t need no artist who don’t wanna be on platform. there will no more meek mill posts after this on my platform. Too many other lit rappers for me to cover.”

But that promise was short lived and soon, the two were engaged in an online game of verbal ping pong. On June 30, Meek attempted to “cancel” the Ak, tweeting, “Akademiks canceled because he’s a bad police and our culture don’t need them …. he also gassed a lot of beef that got people killed and hurt and never donated a dollar to the culture! We gone holla at you next run champ lol.”

Shortly after, the Dream Chasers founder threatened to “green light” Ak, writing, “You just make money off the trenches…next phase like green light.” With Tekashi 6ix9ine by his side, Ak then admitted he’d called the police on Meek as a result.

“If you got some tough nigga shit that you have to do, keep it that way just stop snitching on yourself,” he said. “Stop telling the world you’re gonna green light people and just do what you have to do. When you say green lighting, I sent that to the police, I’m gonna be honest with you.

“Like, ‘Oh yo, I got green lit.’ Wait, Meek Mill just told me in front of the world I’m green lit? OK, here’s the cops. ‘Hey, Meek Mill, that’s his account, that’s his people, he said I’m green lit.’ Are you dumb?”

Following the Clubhouse argument, Ak, Meek and 21 Savage — who’d been mediating the conversation like some kind of rap Buddha — all became trending Twitter topics and fans were anxious to weigh in on what had just transpired. While some sided with Meek, there appeared to be a growing number of people who took Ak’s side. Even Freddie Gibbs, who went to war with Ak online earlier this year, had something to say.

Check out some of the reactions below.