Method Man Apologizes To Destiny's Child For 2001 Incident: 'Y’all Did Not Deserve That'

Method Man has apologized to Destiny’s Child for an incident that took place at Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon special in 2001. During a recent interview with Math Hoffa, he detailed the way he treated Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams wrongly as a result of a misunderstanding and low self-esteem on his part.

“I didn’t like myself so I didn’t like anybody fucking else,” he began. “So that meant anything that would have come in my circumference at that point in time was gonna get it. My family went through a lot with my ass during that era, man. And I can admit that I did take a lot of my fucking misery out on them, and they did not deserve it. And I took some of my misery out on people at Def Jam that did not fucking deserve it.”

The Wu-Tang Clan MC met Destiny’s Child at the UK’s MOBO Awards in 1999 alongside JAY-Z and Dame Dash and always had a positive view of them.

“I had an episode with Beyoncé,” he explained. “And this is me being miserable, okay. I had met them overseas with Jay, we were all over there. Well, I didn’t meet them with Jay. Jay, Dame, all of us were over there. We were doing the MOBO Awards. That’s like their Soul Train [Awards]. And the girls were there – very nice. This is when it was still four of them, the original members. Very nice, very cordial and all that. I always kept that in in my head, like these are some decent young ladies and shit.”

But two years later at Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon, he thought the group ignored him and decided to take a stand.

“Fast forward, now it’s three members, they got the two new girls,” he said. “We were at Janet Jackson’s Icon and I remember I had just come off stage and where we were sitting, there were nothing but VIPs. We had NSYNC up here, Destiny’s Child right there, Tommy Lee was over here, [Pamela Anderson]. And I see the girls, so I kinda moseyed out of my seat to go over and say ‘What’s up’ to them. Now, this is still me in my low self-esteem era. But I’m thinking like, comfort zone here, I’m gonna say ‘What’s up’ to the girls. I love them, I’m just gonna say ‘Hi.’ I go over to say ‘Hi’ to them and when I said ‘Hi,’ they didn’t even turn around and acknowledge me.”

He continued, “Now, my ass, in my head, with my low self-esteem is like, ‘They just shitted on me.’ When in fact, they didn’t even hear me. It was so loud in that muthafucka. That’s the excuse that I’m giving right now – they didn’t even fucking hear me. Afterward, Rockwilder, he was gonna do the ‘Bootylicious’ song for them. He comes over, he’s talking to them, he’s like, ‘Oh, you know Red and Meth?’ And they put their hands out to shake, and I kept my hand here and was like, ‘Go ‘head with that Hollywood shit.’”

Method Man still regrets the interaction 20 years later and wants the Destiny’s Child members to know he’s sorry about what happened.

“To this day, that shit hurt my heart because neither Kelly, Beyoncé or Michelle ever did any-fucking-thing to me,” he admitted. “But me being so miserable and in that fucking moment, I felt like they wasn’t treating me the way I should have been treated. Who am I to think that about these girls? They’re here to promote themselves and break records and things of that nature. And it was not about me, it was about Janet-fucking-Jackson. And to this day, man, I don’t think I’ve ever apologized for that.”

He added, “I apologize to Beyoncé, I apologize to Kelly Rowland and Michelle – y’all did not deserve that, at all.”