Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson Went To Couples Therapy As ‘Creed III’ Characters

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During a recent interview with Refinery29, Tessa Thompson revealed that she and Micheal B. Jordan prepped for Creed III by going to couples therapy as their characters Adonis and Bianca.

“Mike and I actually went to therapy together. We did couples therapy,” Thompson told the media outlet.

“Yes, in character, but it ended up being like — the line sometimes between character and us gets blurred because we bring so much of what we’re exploring personally to the characters in general,” the actress continued. “So funnily, it was the first time… I’m probably saying too much. I’ll say it was an early experience in couples therapy for us both [personally], but it was as these characters, which is very weird.”

Thompson stars in the Creed franchise as Bianca, which is Adonis’ longtime love interest and a successful music producer. The two characters are married and have a child in “Creed III,” but Adonis’ unwillingness to open up about his past digs a hole between them. Although the sessions were for their role, Thompson admitted that it reminded them of their “own personal lives that going to therapy, even when a relationship is good, can be a good thing if you’re trying to just sharpen communication and figure out how someone works. It’s useful in so many relationships.” 

The Los Angeles native added, “We were also reflecting on our own relationships. Since we’ve been making these movies for eight, nine years, we’ve seen each other through various stages in our own romantic things. So we know stuff about each other’s lives. We shared and talked about it. So therapy ended up starting at work and getting more personal.”

Creed III, which is now playing in theaters nationwide, debuted at $58 million during its opening weekend.