Nicki Minaj Suspects She's Shadow-Banned For 'Swollen Testicles' Vaccine Tweets

Nicki Minaj infuriated a small fraction of people last month when she made some questionable comments about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Not only did she tell her 23 million Twitter followers she needed to do “more research” before she felt comfortable enough to take it, she also claimed a friend of her Trinidadian cousin took it and wound up with swollen testicles. 

The United States, Trinidad and United Kingdom governments slammed Nicki for using her giant platform irresponsibly while news outlets across the globe reported on her “swollen testicles” story. As a result, Nicki believes she’s been shadow-banned on multiple social media platforms.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Nicki was hesitant to talk about it but made sure to get her point across, saying, “I think I’ve been shadow-banned on a couple social media outlets because of my comments on the [vaccine],” while mouthing the word “vaccine.”

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For those unfamiliar with the term, shadow-ban means, “to block (a user) from a social media site or online forum without their knowledge, typically by making their posts and comments no longer visible to other users.” Some of Nicki’s fans support that theory and say they haven’t been receiving her notifications on Twitter.

Whether Nicki Minaj’s accounts have been affected in some way, she’s still reaching plenty of her supporters. The Instagram Live was posted on Monday (October 11) and received over 600,000 views in the first hour.

Her Barbz came to her defense when the COVID-19 vaccine controversy first started, as well. In mid-September, CNN‘s Don Lemon appeared to weigh in on Nicki’s “more research” excuse during an episode of Cuomo Prime Time, saying, “The people talking about, ‘I don’t know what’s in the shot. You know what they get shots in nowadays? In their rear ends, they’re getting shots to make it bigger.

“They’re getting shots in their face. They don’t know what’s in Botox … You don’t have to listen to a minority of people who are being harmful to the greater good and who are not acting on logic, reason, and science.”

Nicki fired back, “Now if I start discussing what you get in YOUR rear end, I’d be wrong right?” she wrote. “If you’re ever discussing facts with a person who’s telling you how to buy, or get smthng & you go ‘ok cool, tell me more about it’ and they start insulting you, RUN.

“He couldn’t wait to deliver that line. He rehearsed it all night. Def has a little dick. Mad cuz the shot couldn’t fix THAT. 3-4 inches max.”

Check it out below.