NLE Choppa Gloats Over His 8-Figure Wealth After A$AP Bari Calls Him Out For Wearing Fake VLONE

NLE Choppa was minding his own business over the weekend when A$AP Mob co-founder A$AP Bari called him out for wearing a fake VLONE hoodie.

Bari, who co-founded the popular streetwear clothing brand, took to his Instagram Stories to react to a photo of the Memphis rapper posted by a fan account. In the picture, NLE is wearing a white hoodie with ‘FRIENDS’ printed on the front in green, which Bari pointed out wasn’t real.

“Please Tell This Man Stop Wearing Fake VLONE,” Bari said.


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Shortly after, NLE Choppa caught wind of the post and responded on Twitter with a reminder about his wealth and how he doesn’t care about what he wears.

“Tell Mr. Vlone I got a PO Box if he wanna send me a hoodie since he care so much,” he wrote. “Imma 8 figure nigga my deal was 6m’s I’ll wear the fu shit any day ion care bout material shit that’s how imma stay rich boy.”

NLE then liked a ton of tweets from his followers after they came to his defense following his response to A$AP Bari.

“Forget him,” one fan said. “He has better things he should be worrying about because at the end of the day, clothing brands don’t mean anything.”

Another wrote, “NLE just ignore that bitch and mind yo business. fucking haters everywhere.”

“All facts gonna go broke trying to be like these clowns only flashing materialistic shit but don’t got a solid foundation NLE the TRUTH,” said another Twitter user.

This isn’t the first time NLE Choppa has felt the need to respond to hate over the past week. On Thursday (January 28), he called out Akademiks after the media personality made comments about his credibility.

“To me, there’s morals, boundaries and discipline,” he said. “It’s a balance with everything, you don’t have to be too much of this and too much of that. Hell yeah, I’ma pull up to a show or podcast humble as hell, but I still know in the back of my mind that I’ll smack the shit out of you.”