NLE Choppa Repeatedly Warns Fans To 'Stay Away From Them Vaccines'

Despite Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine being authorized for emergency use across the U.S. on Friday (December 11), one person who won’t be taking it is NLE Choppa. The Memphis-bred rapper took to Twitter on Sunday (December 13) to urge his 931,000 followers to avoid the vaccine altogether.

“Stay away from the vaccines,” he wrote on his timeline. “I repeat stay away from THEM VACCINES.”

NLE’s comments follow an anti-vaccine tweet to Lil Uzi Vert on November 15, in which he called out Bill Gates and the New World Order conspiracy theory.

“Vaccines, Developed by @BillGates , Will alter the DNA with a RNA Coding that will remove parts of your DNA and replace it with GENETIC CODING (TECHNOLOGY),” he said. “This will disable the ability of spirituality and cause people to HAVE to cooperate with the New World Order/One World Order.”

On December 8, NLE Choppa continued his thoughts on the vaccine relating to a “transfer of consciousness” happening in December.

“Moving into a age of consciousness,” he wrote. “The reptiles time is up on this earth that’s why they are trying to claim Mars. It’s the end of their gold age of controlling us, back to their Iron Age. 21st of December is a transfer of consciousness, power that’s why vaccines being inforced.”

He added, “Also why they’re trying to start back quarantine for everyone. The government/elites are crumbling and they know it. Hope everyone been vibrating high and been preparing for this shift, love y’all.”

NLE isn’t the only rapper questioning the vaccine. On Saturday (December 12), Migos member Offset revealed he doesn’t trust the vaccine and wants the government to do more for the Black community.

“I don’t trust it,” he said. “I just don’t wanna be the test dummy. Do something to help the Black community in real life. Put in some policies to help us. A lot of the government shit I don’t be thinkin’ is for us period.”