NLE Choppa Thinks There's A YouTube Conspiracy Against His 'Bryson' Video

NLE Choppa feels a conspiracy is going down, but he’s not going to let it get to him.

The 18-year-old rapper released the video for his new single “Bryson” via YouTube on Sunday (November 1) and found it wild he got more hits on the “dislike” button than for any of his previous works. According to NLE, it’s definitely for a reason.

“Know for a fact these folks sent a group of people to dislike ‘Bryson’ on YouTube so it wouldn’t trend #1,” he wrote in a tweet on Tuesday (November 3). “my music videos never get that many dislikes in the first day especially when I’m promoting something good. Still 2.5 Million In One Day, No Instagram, Message Won’t Stop!”

“Bryson” discusses enlightenment and other aspects of the rapper’s spiritual journey and appears on his latest album From Dark To Light. Released the same day as the video (which was also his 18th birthday), the 13-track project is NLE’s first since promising to no longer make songs that promote violence. Both Big Sean and INK make appearances on the album.

In another tweet, NLE stressed how important the message in “Bryson” is.

“Dropped So Many Gems In This Song I Just Pray Y’all Understand Every Bar And Can Apply To Every Day Life,” he wrote. “Listen Closely The Stuff I’m Saying This What They Don’t Want You To Know.”

Watch the “Bryson” video up top.