Outlawz Rapper Napoleon Claims Snoop Dogg Is Mad Tupac Took His Shine

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Despite Snoop Dogg and Tupac’s close relationship, the California native was actually jealous of the late rapper, according to Outlawz rapper Napoleon.

During a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Napoleon spoke on how he feels about Snoop Dogg bringing up Tupac in every media conversation he has. “Maybe some of the things he couldn’t tell Pac face-to-face, you know, he can do it in these interviews,” he said. “It’s sad. And one of the reasons why I always try to correct this is because him and Pac were friends. … I already know why he doin’ that, bro.

The former rapper continued, “Imagine if you’re the biggest star on Death Row, and Pac come and take all your shine, you understand? And 25 years later, Pac died, and every time you do an interview, that name is brought up. So maybe he’s just trying to take that shine from Pac. You know what I mean?”

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