‘P-Valley’ Rapper Jucee Froot Stars As The Grinch In 'Christmas List' Video

Jucee Froot has a list she wants checked off for Christmas – and isn’t afraid to tell you how she plans to get it.

For her brand new single “Christmas List,” the Memphis rapper best known for crafting the infectious theme song for STARZ’s hit series P-Valley decides to deliver a sexy spin on the famous Dr. Seuss character The Grinch while running off a note of things she wants this holiday season.

“I want Gucci, Louie, Parada, the new Birkin, Dolce Gabana,” she raps. “I want Chanel, the red bottoms, I want hunnids, I want dollars.”

As she reads off the material things which will make her happy, Jucee Froot doesn’t forget it’s always best to have a few beautiful women twerking at the North Pole and a rich lover with more than a thick wallet to please her.

In a recent chat for DX Daily, Jucee explained her work on two of TV’s more beloved shows, P-Valley and Insecure.

“I didn’t like it,” Juccee said of crafting “Down In The Valley” for P-Valley. “I thought it was too childish and I thought nobody would like it. Next thing you know, soon as I go to the club, ‘Aye! Down in the valley where the!’ They get so turnt and it was just like that … They asked me to do something and I just executed and I made sure I came with what they asked for.”

Watch the whimsical video to “Christmas List” below.