Polo G Explains How You Can ‘Sell Your Soul’ Without Money

Polo G cleared up rumors last year that he sold his soul after he bought a chain with a goat head pendant causing fans to believe he made a pact with the devil. He made it loud and clear he’s not on that type of time, and now he’s giving fans a lesson on the whole idea of selling their souls.

On Thursday (July 8), the Chicago rap star took some time out of his day to head on Twitter to give his fans the lesson of the day. 

“I could neva sell my soul I’m none like those guyz,” he wrote in his first tweet before going into detail about making pacts to get ahead in life. 

“Sellin yo soul ain’t necessarily a contract w the devil,” Polo G continued in a second tweet. “Sellin yo soul is goin against what’s morally right fa your own benefit So when you snitch you sell yo soul, chase clout, pillow talk to hoes, cross somebody u love for money…just movin Weird in general.”

The tweets could also reference Fredo Bang’s new single “Bless His Soul” featuring Polo G. The record finds the two rappers reflecting on their journeys and how their loyalty to the streets has kept their souls intact. 

Polo G’s tweets are a sharp contrast from the TikTok video he recorded last year to clear up the rumors of him selling his soul. In the clip, Polo G ridiculed people who believed the fake news. 


“I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul,” Polo said in the video. “Like where the fuck? Like I watch my son and go to the studio — where the fuck would I find time to do some shit like that? Where the fuck would I find time to do some shit? ‘Oh, the goat and goat horns, it signifies the Baphomet.’ Half y’all ass wouldn’t even know how to fucking spell Baphomet if it wasn’t for autocorrect, you stupid bitch.”