Russell Simmons Responds After His Daughters And Kimora Lee Blast Him Online

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Russell Simmons responds after his ex and his daughter’s blast him online.

In a statement, Russell expresses, “God is testing you a little bit, it’s ok, be strong. . . they are called growing pains . . . as you know, we grow through adversity and struggle . . . you read my books and heard me preach your whole childhood . . . reach back to old lessons and remember to remember “smile and breathe” “smile and breathe” . . . you are the watchers of this world . . . so let go . . . be at ease . . . God is driving and he is working on you…DEEPLY sorry for being frustrated and yelling . . .but know this . . . there are no conditions . . . for sure i love you guys more than i love myself.”

The back and forth started after Kimora took to her Instagram, calling Russell out. “I’m so sorry to have to do this,” she wrote. “But this man has been threatening my kids’ lives. I’m hearing so much more now. We won’t be bullied threatened or afraid.”

Their daughter, Aiko, chimed in as well. Take a look below.