Saweetie Accuses Her Label Of Botching Doja Cat-Assisted 'Girl Anthem' In Twitter Meltdown

Los Angeles, CA – Saweetie is not happy with her label Warner Records, and in addition to accusing the industry giant of stifling her artistic creativity, she says they butchered the rollout of her new collaboration with Doja Cat.

In a fiery set of tweets on Thursday (December 3), the “Back to the Streets” rapper alleges Warner Records released the single “Best Friends,” earlier than expected.

“I am extremely disappointed in my label WBR for prematurely releasing a single I was so excited about. I feel disrespected. I’m hands-on with ALL of my creative & had such a dope rollout for “best friends”. The thirst for clout & $ is real & it overrides the artists’ art,” She begins.

Adding to her initial remarks, Saweetie quoted the tweet and ripped on the final mix her label is readying.

“The wrong version at that smh. Like wtf???”

She also goes on to describe her dissatisfaction with the entire situation, citing the root of her frustration as the countless hours lost curating the visual elements of the release.

“We put so much work into the visual & we shot for days for this super cinematic girl anthem. And for this to happen? wow….”

The 26-year-old rapper isn’t the only artist from her imprint to speak out against a major label. Though his aggression was directed at 300 Records rather than WBR, NLE Choppa made it known that he too takes issue with how labels treat their artists.

The “Paradise” rapper came to the defense of Famous Dex in a lengthy tweet on Sunday (November 27).

I’ve never been the type to be in folks business but 300 y’all see Famous Dex obviously on drugs too heavy can y’all at least try surrounding that man around somebody with his best interest. Help dude out, or somebody who already is in his ear uplift dude he NEEDING it,” he wrote.

Wale also went on a tear on Twitter earlier this year, ripping on his management at Warner Records and criticizing their engagement in social justice with his remarks.

Looks like Saweetie has some sorting to do, but before it gets done, she’s going to decompress and indulge in some self-care.

“Icy gang always dealing with the bs with me no matter what it means so much. I LOVE y’all. I’m bout to fix this nail & go to sleep. Goodnight.”

Good thing Icy gang has her back.

WEA is a division of Warner Music and Warner Records is a division as well.