Social Media Reacts To Bhad Bhabie Twerking On Her Mom For Her 20th Birthday

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Bhad Bhabie is trending online after celebrating her 20th birthday with her mother.

A video of the rapper circulated social media and fans had mixed reactions. Bhabie was surrounded by loved ones for her 20th birthday celebration. While having what seemed to be a cookout, the rapper twerked poolside in front of her mother- who seemed unbothered by it.

We previously reported that Bhabie detailed her weight gain and opened up about getting butt shots at a young age. The rapper says she’s been between 80/85 lbs since she was 12 years old. “I’ve always been under weight no matter how much I ate I could never gain. I’ve been 80-85 pounds since I was 12. My goal weight was always 105 but I never thought I would b able to make it past 95. Funny thing about it is I’ve had a*s shots since I was 17 and I’m just now starting to have a ass so yes ima call my ass natural bc it still wasn’t there till I started gaining weight.”

The twerking video attracted mixed reactions from fans, “my mom is too classy for me to EVER disrespect her presence. She is a GODDESS. She didn’t raise me to shake my a*s” commented one Instagram user. “I just gave my grandma a lap dance in her house while I was eating the food she cooked I don’t see a problem. She’s having fun with her mom” commented another. Take a look below.