Soulja Boy Concedes NLE Choppa Was First To Do This

Soulja Boy has admitted that NLE Choppa was the first rapper to accompany an NBA team to begin a game.

According to Complex, Choppa performed at the FedEx Forum for the season opener of the Memphis Grizzlies. On Twitter, Choppa shared a video from the performance where he is seen walking with the team out of the tunnel while performing his track “Shotta Flow.” 

“First Artist To Walk A NBA Team Out and It Was The Home Team,” he wrote in the caption.

Not one to let anything slip by, Soulja took issue with Choppa’s post and claimed he was the first rapper to pull off the feat several years ago. 

Soulja Boy replied, “I been did that 3 years ago,” sharing a YouTube link of his halftime performance for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2019.

While Choppa’s performance is worth noting, the more extraordinary accomplishment may be that he got Soulja Boy to admit that he wasn’t the first rapper to do something. 

“Walk out. Half time same thing,” Soulja responded in another tweet. “I did it first ?? ok he got it.”

In another Tweet, Choppa took a victory lap writing, “I Walked Out A NBA Team Before Soulja Boy !!!”

Besides celebrating being the first MC to lead an NBA squad out of the tunnel, Choppa released his mixtape Me vs. Me back in January. Also, he recently paid a visit to Frayser Elementary school in Memphis on Tuesday (October 18) to celebrate the students for reading more than 26 million words.


“I’m young myself. I’m only 19 so I’m a part of the youth as well as they’re our future, they’re our upbringing and one thing I just want to focus on is we save our youth,” Choppa said during the assembly.

“I feel like in Memphis, Tennessee we have a problem with a lot of young males falling victim to the streets, gun violence, drugs, whatever and I just want to use my light, my positivity that it’s cool to come to school and read.”