Styles P Confirms Mythical Mac Miller-Pharrell 'Pink Slime' Collab Tape's Existence

Styles P has been part of many historic and earth-shattering collaborations throughout his nearly three-decades in Hip Hop. As The LOX rapper celebrated his 46th birthday on Saturday (November 28), he reflected on some of the things he’s accomplished, including being part of a collaboration with Pharrell and the late Mac Miller.

“I have a song with Mac Miller I never heard,” Holiday Styles wrote on Twitter. “I believed Neptune’s produced it ..I don’t know if it came out and I missed it or they never released it. Would love to hear it.”

A fan later pointed out Miller’s 2015 appearance on the A Waste Of Time podcast and, in particular, Mac’s revelation about Pink Slime, a collab tape he worked on with Skateboard P. Miller told ItsTheReal the tape featured guest appearances from Styles, Curren$y and more.

“I knew I wasn’t crazy,” Styles responded to the tweet. “I started thinking I was bugging !!! That shit was tough though !!!”

Pink Slime was expected to arrive before Miller’s sophomore album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off but never came to be due to Miller’s desire to establish his own identity first.

Numerous artists have shared stories about their interactions and desires to make music with Miller, including Busta Rhymes. Circles producer Jon Brion revealed in January the album was set to be the second of three albums the two worked on together.

Elsewhere in his trip down memory lane, Styles recalled a time he, Mac and Spitta were getting high and the New Orleans rapper pleaded with Mac to let go of cigarettes and stick to weed.

“I remembered me @CurrenSy_Spitta and mac was getting stoned and Mac lighting mad cigarettes and me preaching to him about picking a side,” Styles wrote. “His energy was and is amazing !!!”

The comment brought out Spitta himself, who called the moment “good times” before Styles shot him a message back, inquiring about another collaboration between the two.