Styles P Reacts To Pusha T Putting Him In His Top 5 MCs

Pusha T doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving people their flowers. While in the midst of a victory lap for his It’s Almost Dry album taking the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, the Virginia native stopped by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast to discuss his thought process behind the album, working with JAY-Z and saluting those who helped him get to where he is.

When asked his pick between Styles P and Cam’ron during N.O.R.E.’s lightning round segment, Pusha didn’t take long to choose Holiday Styles and repeated himself for emphasis.

“Just in terms of consistency, hard lyricism,” Pusha said of why he’d have Styles in his top 3. “Even gets a little conscious! But scary conscious, I don’t know, scolding conscious. He’s in my top, and been there for a long long time!”

Styles caught wind of the flowers heaped upon him and responded in kind on Instagram.

“You see this is what I do this shit for!!” he began. “I have went platinum before . I think . I do love nice shit and I’m slightly materialistic here and there .. but I’m about my people and health 1st !!! So the accolades that move most don’t move me.! But as an emcee to receive a bow back from THE GREAT @thegodrakim and receive such grand compliments from absolutely some of the greatest emcees / jdei’s such as @blackthought n @kingpush is what fuxn keeps me ticking !! Means the absolute world to me . More than any music award I could ever be presented with !! I fuxn love this thing of ours !!! I PROMISE YOU THAT !!!”

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Styles has been placed in high esteem from Hip Hop peers for years, from his solo work to his back and forth sessions with fellow LOX member Jadakiss on songs like “We Gon’ Make It” and “Chest 2 Chest” freestyle.

Push has on numerous occasions given flowers to the Bad Boy era of Hip Hop, adjusting his flows on tracks sampling The Notorious B.I.G., Styles and the architect of the label, Diddy. In fact, the trio of Styles, Diddy and Push all collabed together for “Everyday (Amor)” from Puff’s 2015 Money Makin Mitch mixtape alongside Jadakiss and Tish Hyman.

After Diddy gave his props to It’s Almost Dry, Push proclaimed Diddy’s “DNA” was all through It’s Almost Dry and most of his raps.

“Anytime I’ve ever had a lack of inspiration, I searched for you,” Pusha said. “When I throw my voice in the studio, mimicking BIG, and the writers/fans notice…what they don’t know is, it was you in 2015 showing me how to turn the corner in those verses to add magic to the song. You’ve always shared the codes with me. Whether approving my albums on the outdoor home speakers at the LA estate to driving the causeways on golf carts thru Miami Beach just listening to a mogul talk.

“I say all this to let you know, although @pharrell and @kanyewest executive produced #ItsAlmostDry , it is your DNA, your fingerprints, and your spirit all over this muthafucka!! Thank you for everything @diddy.”