T.I. Responds To Kodak Black's Claim He Tried To Get Him Kicked Off Atlantic Records

Kodak Black has warranted a response from Grand Hustle boss T.I. after his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. During his visit, Yak spit a freestyle that included the line, “Big Boy and T.I. tried to get me kicked up off the label.”

When pressed for more information, the Pompano Beach native replied, “I ain’t worried about nobody, I ain’t mad at nobody. I wish everybody nothing but success. I ain’t trippin’.”

But T.I. found it necessary to respond on Instagram and wrote underneath a video of Kodak, “BIG [cap emoji]. Don’t know where u get this cap ass sh*t from Bruh? For the rec….I ain’t never wasted my time worrying about another n-gga bankroll or record deal. Told you this in your section face to face personally in Booby Trap & I’ll say it again. Much success to you youngsta. Stay focused.”

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Kodak Black is currently signed to Atlantic Records where he’s been since October 2015. T.I. clearly had more to say and expounded on the topic in another Instagram video.

“Happened to scroll down man and see a young brotha, Kodak, kickin’ a freestyle on The Breakfast Club, mention my name and said something about me and Big Boy tried to get him kicked off a label. Hm, whenever I hear my name associated to shi that ain’t true, I try my best, at least initially, to clear that shit up.

“My n-gga, I ain’t ever wasted my time, energy or oxygen trying to worry about you or nobody else and what muthafuckin’ record label they’re signed to. That ain’t how I get down. I know you don’t know me, so I’m just going to say this right here, that ain’t how I get down. I don’t care what record label you signed to, I don’t care how much money you have, I ain’t trying to interfere with none of that.”

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As for Outkast legend Big Boi, who was inadvertently roped into the drama, he hopped in The Shade Room comment section to do some damage control himself, writing, “Wrong Big Boi. Boy ….. stoooooop.”

People quickly came to the conclusion Kodak Black was instead talking about radio personality Big Boy from 92.3 FM The Real in Los Angeles, but he has yet to address the chatter. Check out the post below.

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