T-Pain Disrupts Music Twitter With Streaming Payout Graphic For Spotify, Apple Music, Napster & More

T-Pain likes to stir the pot here and there on social media as he doesn’t bite his tongue on specific topics. The latest conversation starter by T-Pain occurred on Tuesday (December 28), when he took to his Twitter with an ominous post regarding streaming services.

In his post, T-Pain shared a picture of various music streaming platforms and the number of streams an artist needs just to make $1 off their music. Now, people already know that artists barely make money off of streaming, but the actual numbers are pretty wild.

Amazon Music came in at the top of the list with 249 streams while Apple Music and TIDAL follow right behind with 128 and 78, respectively. Napster (53), Deezer (156), Pandora (752) and Spotify (315) are next, but the wildest amount went to YouTube Music that requires an artist to get over 1,250 streams just to see a dollar come their way.

Fans were up in the air over the list, but T-Pain reminded them a lot of these artists still don’t see that dollar, and he’s just putting the new artists on the game.

“I see a lot of ‘well I guess I’ll use the best one’ and not ‘we gotta make our own’ keep in mind, most artists don’t even get the whole $1,” T-Pain tweeted. “I’m just letting the up and coming know what the real is. I worked for mine and there are tons of ways around this if you move right.”

With the streaming era dominating music these days, it also opens the door for all types of artists to find overnight success just by adding a song on one of the more popular streaming platforms. Last month, T-Pain shared his thoughts on today’s generation and advised younger artists to consider their futures.

“The way that artists are starting to believe that momentary popularity is better than longevity is super disturbing and [I] really want y’all to think about the future and generational wealth,” he wrote. “It’s bigger than right now. You got a lot of lives in your hands and a generation to start.”