The Internet Goes Crazy Over Kelis And Bill Murray Dating Rumors

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It looks like love is in the air.

Rumors began to circulate online yesterday that 43-year-old singer, Kelis, is dating 72-year-old actor Bill Murray.

The rumors sent social media into a frenzy.

The relationship rumors come a year after Kelis reflected on the passing of her late husband, Mike Mora. Mike passed away in March of 2022 after his battle with cancer. Kelis previously took to Instagram to discuss her healing journey following the loss of Mora. “It’s been exactly a year… that’s crazy to me,” she wrote. “I’m a very private person generally, especially when there is family involved. But there is no denying the impact and evolution my husband’s passing has had on my life.”

She continued, “I get asked all the time how I started this journey. It’s a much longer conversation but in short what we were dealing with here pushed me so deep into understanding our bodies and how our minds and emotions are so interlocked you can not treat one without the other. Our thoughts and intentions are as powerful and key as our skin health and fitness. I want to live well and this is me sharing what I know to be true.”