The Story Behind The Viral Montgomery Riverfront Park Brawl

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Over the weekend, it was reported that the Alabama Montgomery riverfront encountered an intense scuffle, resulting in an tons of media attention and commentary online.

Numerous videos were seized, razing discussion on how this unfolded. Reportedly, at around 7 p.m., authorities were requested for an altercation at the 200 block of Coosa Street, where Montgomery Riverpark is. “At the scene, they located a large group of subjects engaged in a physical altercation. Several subjects have been detained and any charges are pending,” according to a Saturday police disclosure.

What Happened?

According to numerous social media videos, the altercation started when a pontoon boat blocked the riverfront, which resulted in a struggle with a member of the riverboat crew who was allegedly assaulted by people on the pontoon.

Captured on video by Josh Moon, the clip starts with a Black man on the docks seemingly talking to a white man. Subsequently, another white man, with no shirt on, pushes the Black man. The altercation was seemingly provoked due to racist motives.

The dock employee and the individual that hit him participated in a shoving brawl prior to the first white man hitting the black man with an alleged motive to deescalate them. Adding to the chaos, an additional two shirtless white men joined the fight, one grappling the Black man to the floor and the other contributing to his force.

As the initial video unfolds, the altercation commences to disperse with the involvement of another Black man and an additional individual leaping off the riverboat and swimming to participate.

As the altercation escalates, a Black bystander intervenes, followed by another jumping off a riverboat to join in, while a subsequent video captures a group of Black men rushing off the riverboat and engaging in a renewed brawl involving several white individuals. After a brief brawl, authorities intervened and started restraining both Black and white participants. Publicist Makina Lashea reported seeing a 16-year-old swimmer named Aaren in the water.

“In the face of adversity, Aaren selflessly came to the rescue of a fellow colleague, showcasing courage beyond his years,” Lashea’s statement emphasized.

“Aaren’s unwavering commitment brings immense pride to his parents, leaving him feeling grateful and touched by the strong support of the community. With his sights set on the future, he is eagerly preparing for a successful upcoming school year.” Chase Shipman, proprietor of Selma’s Vasser’s Mini-Mart, took to social media to declare his presence: “tried to stop it and realized that I could not, so I tried to get away,” according to The Selma Times Journal. The report states, “I have a business to run and represent and no charges were filed against me because I was not involved.”

Mayor’s Response

Mayor Steven Reed announced on Sunday, “Justice will be served,” he said. “This was an unfortunate incident which never should have occurred.”

“After securing four warrants, the police anticipate the likelihood of obtaining more based on additional video evidence, with no further updates scheduled until Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the four individuals facing charges remain unidentified as of Sunday night, and the specifics of the charges have yet to be disclosed.


The event has created commentary throughout the internet and brought memes across social media who celebrated how the members stuck together to help the security guard after being attacked on camera as seen in the multiple angles of video footage.