Xzibit Applauds Biden's Weed Pardons, Says He's Dropping Final Album

Xzibit had a lot of good things to say about President Biden’s recent weed pardons and additionally announced he’s working on his final album.

The comments come a week after President Biden announced a plan to reform and decriminalize marijuana that included freeing all those federally incarcerated on weed possession charges.

“You know this is something that’s crazy because we see the industry that’s being built now where people are building billion dollar businesses, and there’s still people sitting in jail for doing the exact same thing,” Xzibit told TMZ. “I think that this was a great announcement, shout out the DOJ to say they’re going to be expeditiously releasing these people and really showing some support for the president’s announcement. So actions being put behind the words means a lot.

However, Xzibit continued by saying the new ruling would only apply to 6,000 incarcerated individuals, and that while that’s ultimately a good thing, the “X” rapper said Biden could do more.

“Even though this is a step in the right direction, this is still not the majority or the mass exodus that needs to happen, the mass clemency for the people that need to be released from federal and state prison,” Xzibit said.

In lighter news, the former Pimp My Ride host said he’s hard at work on what is likely to be his final album.

“I have an album called Kingmaker that I’m putting the finishing touches on now,” Xzibit confirmed. “I’ve been working on it for a minute. I feel like this is gonna be my last album. Not that I’m gonna retire or make any weird statements like that…but I think as about full feature-length albums I think things have changed and people digest music a little differently now, but for my catalog of music, I haven’t put out a record since 2012.”

He confirmed the project would arrive in either January or February of 2023, and that he’s got some tours “lined up” as well.

“I will never lose love for Hip Hop, but what I do know now at my age is that time is the most important thing that we have,” Xzibit said. “I’ve given a lot of time to the planet as Xzibit and my priorities are changing on the daily. So I will always be there for my fanbase and they’ve always been there for me, but I wanna be present for the people that I love.”

Xzibit isn’t the only rapper on board with Biden’s marijuana reform plan. Killer Mike also expressed his support following the announcement.

“Good,” the Run The Jewels rapper wrote in response to Biden’s call to action, “Better!”

The last project Xzibit dropped was 2012’s Napalm, which the rapper also named his weed company in 2021. However, the name was met with significant backlash for its perceived “racist” overtones, since napalm is the chemical agent used in the Vietnam War.

“The word napalm is definitely synonymous with war and being used as a weapon,” Xzibit said in response. “If you know anything about me and my body of work, I have albums called Weapons of Mass Destruction and Man Vs. Machine, so on and so forth.

“So this album here is called Napalm. I put this album out in 2012. I know people don’t use CDs anymore, but this is where the branding for Napalm came from as you can see. That’s the font we use, that’s the flame we use, so it’s based off the album. And it transcended to how we build our cannabis company.”

He went on to say the name of his weed brand was just a nod to his album.

“I think the creative license I used for Napalm is purely based on my body of work as an artist,” he said. “My intention here is to just let everyone know that as a Black man, I understand discrimination and hatred.”