Young Thug’s Brother Unfoonk Hit w/ 9 Year Sentence For Violating Probation 

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Young Thug’s brother got hit with a hefty sentence.

Unfoonk violated his probation and is sentenced to nine years and six months. As reported on Rolling Stone, Unfoonk, born, Quantavious Grier, pleaded guilty in December to violating Georgia’s RICO Act and theft by receiving stolen property in connection to the YSL case.  As part of his plea deal, Unfoonk was sentenced to 12 years with two years commuted and 10 years probation. In addition, he had to serve 750 hours of community service and under curfew from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. 

In May, Unfoonk was arrested on suspicion of crimes including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. After an investigation, it was determined he violated the conditions of his probation. 

During Unfoonk’s sentencing, a judge said he failed to start community service and didn’t pay his $141.08 bill in probation fees. Judge Glanville told Unfoonk in court:

“The issue I find aggravating in this particular circumstance are several. You got arrested with a gun within six months of you being placed on probation. All you had to do was complete your probation and do what you were supposed to do. Instead, you were out riding around with a gun in your car.”

Last year, Thug, Gunna, and dozens of YSL members were hit with a 56-count gang and racketeering indictment. Thug is accused of engineering the murder of Donovan ‘Peanut’ Thomas in a drive-by shooting in 2015, which precipitated months of near-continuous violence between the accused Young Slime Life street gang and its rivals, YFN, according to RS. Ultimately, Young Thug is accused of being the “ringleader” of a gang. 

Gunna struck a plea deal and was released, along with a few other members. However, Thug remains behind bars, awaiting trial. It was set to begin in January but had a few delays. Last month it was reported the case needs jurors and there’s been challenges locking them in since the trial could take up to nine months.